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    hey all... So this year at motor City Comic Con we had the largest meetup of preds in the Midwest area since 2009! I give you The Midwest Hunters' Clan: Left to right: Amanda Spano, Mark Dye, Craig Provine, Amber Martin Sotello, Kristen Jones, Josh Jones, Alex Ford, Sean Baumgartner, Jason Rutledge, Rhonda Payne, John Quick. Not Pictured: Andrew Miller, Katie Griffin, Hunter Allen Lady Predator "likes" Vasquez. The Showdown commences. Kristen Jones (Lady Predator) Alex Ford (Xeno Prey) Kristen Jones (Lady Predator) Josh Jones (Celtic Hunter) Game Over, Man! GAME OVER!! Step off, Shaman... this one's MINE!! Lady gets the job done! Kristen Jones as Lady Predator Give Us that little Kissssssss......! The Clan assembles! Lady and her Celtic. Josh Jones as The Temple Guardian Amber Martin Sotello (Unmasked Hunter) Amanda Spano (Lady Hunter) Josh Jones (Temple Guardian) Craig Provine (Jungle Hunter) Alex Ford (Xeno Prey) Jason Rutledge (Elder Predator) Amanda Spano (Lady Hunter) Andrew Miller (Big Blue) John Quick (Arctic Hunter) Mr. Fett (Andrew Miller) as Big Blue John Quick as the Arctic hunter Josh Jones as The Celtic Hunter Craig Provine as The Jungle Hunter Amber Martin Sotello as the Unmasked Hunter Sean Baumgartner as The Shaman Jason Rutledge as The Elder Rhonda Payne as BUGSsss , Katie Griffin as Vasquez Prey Arctic and Big Blue fight over Juno (Diane K. Suttles) Midwest Hunters Clan Members: Sean Baumgartner (Shaman) Josh Jones (Celtic, Temple Guardian) Kristen Jones (Lady Predator) Amanda Spano (Lady Hunter) Amber Martin Sotello (Unmasked Hunter) Jason Rutledge (Elder Predator) Craig Provine (Jungle Hunter) Andrew Miller (Big Blue) Mark Dye (Unnamed hunter) John Quick (Arctic Hunter) Rhonda Payne ( BUGSsss ) Alex Ford (Xeno Prey) Katie Griffin (Vasquez Prey) Hunter Allen (Honorary Juvenile Hunter) Amanda Spano (Lady Hunter) and Hunter Allen (Honorary Juvenile Hunter)
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    This is the last bio I painted up. It had been sitting around for a while and I had some clear left over in my spray gun, so I sprayed it up. I know it's not accurate or anything, but I think the gloss look has an attraction of its own!
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    Better late than never right! I had to get help from my talented lady to get these done. Here is the first batch. There will be more and I have video I need to get made into something beyond my capabilities. Check em out!
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    Hi there, just showing my latest P1 bust that i have just completed. Thanks for stopping by.
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    You pretty much have it down to a science,
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    I love your paint work. Its just awesome.
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    The pics don't lie, we had such a blast. it was spur of the moment when Jamie said Andrew I came here to meet you and I got my suit in the car.... we all looked at each other and were like oh shit this is sooo gonna happen. what an honor for me to suit up with Jamie and have all my best buds there to help and witness it... thanks scott for helping me out and rach my handler, We did it!!!!! Great friends and awesome time...
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    As promised in my intro, here are some WIP of the sculpt at hand. Decoded to go with a Guardian pred for this one. I'm sure most of you know the Guardian is basically a P1 with a new paint job. Lol So the first part of the sculpt is ( obviously ) the head. It will actually be molded without the neck to enable proper positioning when designing the rest of the bust. Once it's cast, I will begin the dreaded ( pun intended ? ) dreads. All 50 of them. Unless of course I sculpt one and make 50 casts!!! Either way, it's gonna be some work. But the pay off will be spectacular. Anyways, here are the pics so far. P.S. The quills are for placement and size. Which after taking the pic, I discovered they are too big. The holes have since been sized down and quills remade. I'll actually be hand rolling each quill upon each cast. They're made using Sugru. Sugru is a very good rubber that is easy to use and has tremendous properties that make it bendable.
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    As great as the first is my fave is Predator 2. Just love the city hunter. So pretty much what Bryan said ^^^ lol
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    Some of you may have seen me share this over on my own fb personal and prop page. Late last year I was asked to participate in the Biker Scout Helmet Project in which 35 artists around the world would be sent a Biker Scout Helmet to customize to their liking, send it back and auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation Uk during Star Wars Celebration London in July. I completed it a few months ago and have had to keep quiet about it, we said it was best to reveal it on 12th June as it's the Predator 29th anniversary. 1 very cool part of it is that none other than Wolf Predator himself, Mr Ian Whyte is endorsing it, such a gent and honour to have him aboard. Am hoping they get some nice videos or pics of the gauntlet fully lit up as there's some funky led sequences and colours in it, am proud of it. And I'm starting a custom predator suit for 1 off my mates that he'll debut at Celebration so hoping he gets pics of his new "Fettator" costume next to it. Well here is "The Scout Hunter". Be sure to check out the rest of the awesome pieces that've been revealed so far and many more to come. https://www.facebook.com/bikerscoutproject/posts/861898910581151
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    Helmet I just finished up for John Quick, The Albino Samurai. Not my first painted in this color. Bryce from older lair has the first bio I painted in these colors. I'm also using the exact colors I used on this first one. In few days I'll be painting up another for myself but on a Full size helmet along with a Deadend on a Full size...
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    way to represent the sanctum guys! thank you!
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    This was my first time wearing a Pred since Dragon Con 2009, and I had so much fun! I am glad I’m back in the game again. Was pretty cool when Ve Neill from Face Off came right up to me and said “Can I get a picture with you? You guys look so awesome!”
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    You call me Big Blue on here, which is funny because my suit never had a name, but back on the Lair when I sold my skins to nismo300zx, he started calling himself Big Blue. So now that I have the skins back (with all new armor), you renamed me what he called himself. So I guess no matter where those skins go, that name has now been following it. LOL
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    Pics from a photoshoot I was at
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    A few shots from last years hunts. Grand Rapids Comic Con and Motor City Comic Con 2015:
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    Thanks! We have plenty of hunts planned for this year as well... including a meetup at MCCC which will see the gathering of some TEN Predators!
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    Thank you so much guys! Here is the next one. IMG_8763.MOV
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    Hahaha Well then! I'll get on it! Lots done so far, lots to do too...
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    I'll own my part in the demise of the original lair once i was offered to buy back something i didnt feel was ever sold to begin with i was like fuck that. My bad trusting Danny boy, beginning of the end lol i always said the lair is built by its members you helped me run the place and built it in a certain style that was really the best. Out of all the niche forums the lair changed the game. Fast forward the sanctum badass!!!..Now here we all are same moon, same jungle...sorry mac quote Point is I still love jamming on this years later and this place is in real good hands so let's just have fun again
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    you got no idea man how happy we are that we're all back home
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    HEY old friends,...i know most of you i'm sure,....if not then hi ..i'm phil I'm a tattoo artist and amateur predator costumer from indianapolis I'm also a musician ,..painter,..carpenter ..sculptor ...blah blah what matters most is my son devin and my wife kari ,..i'm 36 find me on facebook or instagram Phil Philby Altum philbytattoos
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