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    This was my first suit I built. I did the mask, but used parts from other talented individuals around the globe to complete. This suit has seen a lot.....
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    Better late than never right! I had to get help from my talented lady to get these done. Here is the first batch. There will be more and I have video I need to get made into something beyond my capabilities. Check em out!
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    mighty fine looking clan there
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    Any of you planning on meeting up with us at Grand Rapids Comic Con Oct 21-23?
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    Thanks for posting these images; I had a great time!
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    Well that con is on my list now. That looked like a great time! Very well done to you all! Cheers!
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    You paint skills are just sick. I love seeing your work. Cheers!
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    A few shots from last years hunts. Grand Rapids Comic Con and Motor City Comic Con 2015:
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    Thanks! We have plenty of hunts planned for this year as well... including a meetup at MCCC which will see the gathering of some TEN Predators!
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    Good looking suits! Looks like a good time was had by all.