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  1. OniHunter

    Site Upgrade

    Theres a name I remember.
  2. OniHunter

    Greetings from the Valleys

    Hello and welcome!
  3. OniHunter

    Site Upgrade

    My sincere apologies for the site being down. I have got it resolved and upgraded so, we should be good to go for quit sometime. It looks a little drab boring as the theme and skin could not transfer over. I'm working on it now. Cheers all! Onihunter
  4. OniHunter

    I shall make my introduction

    Welcome aboard!
  5. OniHunter

    My Elder of Old

    Mighty fine suit!
  6. OniHunter

    Mike "Uratz" Loh needs help

    That sucks.
  7. OniHunter


    We don't do any sales here on the board. Go to our Facebook group... "lost hunters sanctum...suit builders guild"
  8. OniHunter

    greetings fellow hunters !

    I was hoping you would fund us. This is Bovine13...glad to see ya! Welcome!
  9. OniHunter

    Lost no more.

    I'm glad you found us...welcome!
  10. OniHunter

    Hi fellow Preds and Predettes

    Welcome to the forum!
  11. OniHunter

    Greetings from Georgia

    You definitely have some clay slinging skills! Welcome to the board!
  12. OniHunter

    Scavenger Huntress

    You look great! Nice color scheme. Welcome to the Sanctum!
  13. OniHunter

    Out For The Kill

    Hello! Im Bovine13 from the old days. We are glad to have you here. By your project videos I can see you will being some great projects here that we can all learn from. Heck yeah!
  14. OniHunter

    Back on the hunt!

    Welcome! I'm Bovine13 from the lair. It's good to see another old face here. I'm glad you found us.