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    Site Upgrade

    Theres a name I remember.
  2. OniHunter

    Site Upgrade

    My sincere apologies for the site being down. I have got it resolved and upgraded so, we should be good to go for quit sometime. It looks a little drab boring as the theme and skin could not transfer over. I'm working on it now. Cheers all! Onihunter
  3. OniHunter

    Greetings from the Valleys

    Hello and welcome!
  4. OniHunter

    I shall make my introduction

    Welcome aboard!
  5. OniHunter

    I shall make my introduction

    Greetings all! My name is Scott and I am the creator and root admin of Lost Hunters Sanctum. My old board name was Bovine13 from the old Lair days. You may also recognize a few others as some founding members are using their established names. This board was never meant to compete with, discredit, or take away from any other Predator related sites or forums. That is not what this forum is about. This is just simply another place for the fandom to come and get their Predator fix. We the Lost Hunters have put a lot of time into this hobby, ran together at many conventions as you may have seen on Youtube, and have done countless projects together. We care a lot about the franchise, the hobby, and we hope you all share the same passion. I hope you enjoy your stay here and I look forward to reconnecting with old hunters and meeting new ones. I am very excited for the future and I look forward to watching what everyone creates here. Cheers!
  6. OniHunter

    My Elder of Old

    Mighty fine suit!
  7. OniHunter

    Mike "Uratz" Loh needs help

    That sucks.
  8. If you can read this...Im calling you out! Im calling out all lost hunters of the Sanctum...this means you. I want to do the Sanctums first group hunt at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Ga. in 2017. I want as many of you there as possible so we can do a hunt video on the level of the old SDCC hunt videos. Those videos brought a lot of new members, artists, and talent to the hobby and I think we can do it again. We need to do it again! So...everyone...from youngbloods to ancients...Im calling you out to come hunt with me at DCon 2017. Get those new projects rolling...repair the suits of old...save your pennies...rob a bank...do what you gotta do to get it done. I really want this to happen and I will do whatever I can to help everyone make it happen. Those that show up and suit up will receive a Sanctum goody bag with some Sanctum swag Im working on now. Yes...Im bribing you. Its over a year away so...we can do this! Cheers to you all!
  9. OniHunter


    We don't do any sales here on the board. Go to our Facebook group... "lost hunters sanctum...suit builders guild"
  10. OniHunter

    greetings fellow hunters !

    I was hoping you would fund us. This is Bovine13...glad to see ya! Welcome!
  11. OniHunter

    Lost no more.

    I'm glad you found us...welcome!
  12. OniHunter

    Hi fellow Preds and Predettes

    Welcome to the forum!
  13. OniHunter

    Monsterpalooza 2016

    Better late than never right! I had to get help from my talented lady to get these done. Here is the first batch. There will be more and I have video I need to get made into something beyond my capabilities. Check em out!
  14. OniHunter

    Greetings from Georgia

    You definitely have some clay slinging skills! Welcome to the board!
  15. OniHunter

    Scavenger Huntress

    You look great! Nice color scheme. Welcome to the Sanctum!
  16. OniHunter

    Out For The Kill

    Hello! Im Bovine13 from the old days. We are glad to have you here. By your project videos I can see you will being some great projects here that we can all learn from. Heck yeah!
  17. OniHunter

    Back on the hunt!

    Welcome! I'm Bovine13 from the lair. It's good to see another old face here. I'm glad you found us.
  18. OniHunter

    P2 Elders

    The dreads are damn nice. Nice work as always.
  19. OniHunter

    I'm home...

    Welcome to the Sanctum. I'm Bovine13 from the old lair. I hope you enjoy our new spot! Cheers!
  20. OniHunter

    Designs and scribblies by: ReyalS DeDAgheN

    You really need to sculpt.
  21. OniHunter

    P1 Bust

    Just killer paint work. Sick!
  22. OniHunter

    ReyalS' corner of Collectibles

    I love your work. The modding you do is crazy. Keep it up!
  23. OniHunter

    Shoulder cannon- how to attach?

    The pack is usually attached to the chest armor. I always glued mine. Never had an issue.
  24. OniHunter


    No worries. I look forward to the updates!