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  1. Nicole


    Love the Lost Hunters! Looking forward to see how you tackle the ones that did not take off their bios, but at least we know their colours and skin patterns from behind the scenes photos. I really like Rams blue spots, that will be fun to see on the head. Always enjoy seeing your paintjobs.
  2. Nicole

    Designs and scribblies by: ReyalS DeDAgheN

    Everyone are citical of their own work. But don't let that hinder you from trying new things. It is ok to be unhappy with something you've done, you don't have to like everything you do - I do not like every drawing I have ever done. Whether it is old or new does not matter, I accept it and move on. I have abruptly ended many drawings for that same reason - I don't like or "feel" it anymore and just can't see myself finishing it. That does not mean I have given up, just that I accept that I maybe need to practice more on a subject/ an area and that I will get better when I have practiced. Giving up would be to completely abandoning your tools and never create anything more ever again. And for what, not liking a thing you've made? With that said, you don't have to make a full body armor if you dont want to. Pick a bio design that you like and make some chest armor to go with it. Or a gauntlet. Start small.
  3. Nicole

    Designs and scribblies by: ReyalS DeDAgheN

    I have always liked your bio designs, would like to see you do armor also. Any plans on that?