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  1. Brownronin69

    Hi guys

    Welcome aboard man! enjoy your stay
  2. Brownronin69

    Predator Dishwasher Conversion

    I like it!
  3. Brownronin69

    I thank ya!

    We're the ones who should be thanking you! Even though I haven't been on as much as I'd like to ( work is kicking my ass ) I have to say I get a feeling of belonging I had already lost a the other site. I had missed the camaraderie, the shenanigans and the leg pulling, I feel right at home. I know once everyone gets life a lil more settled ( seems these days everyone has lots going on) well be back to business as usual and will become a tight knit group again with the old and new members. I tip my hat off to ya scott! Thank ou for taking on such an endeavor and give us a lil piece of home
  4. Brownronin69

    Midwest Hunters Clan 2016 Meetup at MCCC

    way to represent the sanctum guys! thank you!
  5. Brownronin69

    Mr. Giggles revisted

    pretty cool D
  6. I'm digging the sculpt. and I like that you added the ears on the pred. my only observation would be the dread holes. they seem a bit big. but that could be my perception.
  7. Brownronin69

    Maz Kanata

    love how it turned out Lee! You're doing wonders with that printer! have any idea what your next project will be?
  8. Brownronin69

    Sanctum Meet Up 2016

    We need pics posted here so I can be jealous AF of all of you who got to attend
  9. Brownronin69

    Sanctum Cards

    I like it! Specially the back of the card
  10. Brownronin69

    Sanctum Store

    Any news on the shirts Scott?
  11. Brownronin69

    Hunter In Training

    Welcome to the jungle john
  12. Brownronin69

    Silicone Elder Mask

    Can't wait to see pics of a finished head. Hope your mother gets well soon lee.
  13. Brownronin69

    P1 P2 busts

    Thanks for the advice! I'm going to try it out
  14. Brownronin69

    Thanks for keeping Predator Alive!

    Such an honor to have you as a member!
  15. Brownronin69

    Hello fellow hunters

    Well there's anothere old school guy. Welcome back!