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  1. Yautja

    Shoulder cannon- how to attach?

    Thanks for the info. How do you attach the backpack to the suit? Straps? Magnets?
  2. Yautja

    Shoulder cannon- how to attach?

    No. Just the cannon with the arm and a small platform.
  3. Yautja

    Shoulder cannon- how to attach?

    Hey folks, How has everyone attached their shoulder cannons/platform to their suits? I have a Scott P1 suit and looking for ideas. Thanks in advance!
  4. Yautja

    New Hunter from Ohio

    Always good to see someone else from Ohio!
  5. Yautja

    Hi guys

  6. Yautja

    Midwest Hunters Clan 2016 Meetup at MCCC

    Thanks for posting these images; I had a great time!
  7. Yautja

    Hello from Ohio!

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I had a privilege of 'hunting' with fellow clan members last weekend at Motor City Comic Con; Amanda and Andrew, included.
  8. Yautja

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    It was great meeting you in person! Hope to see you again soon
  9. Yautja

    MotorCity Comic Con


    I had a fantastic time!
  10. Yautja

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    Not to derail, but . . . Don't forget to post pictures of the skins you've painted! I'll be getting a set from Chuck in the near future and may ping you for some painting tips
  11. Yautja

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    Any new progress?
  12. Yautja

    Custom Pred " The Gruffalo"

    Fantastic looking Predator! Question- how did you attach the shoulder cannon to the suit?
  13. Yautja

    Boar bio

    Thank you for the feedback
  14. Yautja

    User profiles- not working?

    Thanks, Oni. I wasn't trying to be too demanding, just wanted to let the web team know
  15. Yautja

    My Bio paintwork

    Awesome work! Can I ask what type of paint you're using on them?