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  1. Mr Fett

    My P2 canon

    Looks great!
  2. Mr Fett

    Greetings from Georgia

    Very nice sculpting!!!
  3. Mr Fett

    Out For The Kill

    That stuff is awesome! Welcome aboard!
  4. Mr Fett

    New Hunter from Ohio

    Welcome, from Michigan!
  5. Mr Fett

    I'm home...

    Welcome back!
  6. Mr Fett

    P2 Elders

    Well done! They look great.
  7. Mr Fett

    Predatorette is back!

    I always have thought the horseback pic was awesome.
  8. Mr Fett

    Another P2 full size suit/statue

    Looking good ! Hope the client chooses to show pics !
  9. Mr Fett

    Welcome home

    Welcome home!
  10. Mr Fett

    Elder Mask (WIP)

    Nicely done!
  11. Mr Fett

    My first hunt!!!

    Congrats on your first appearance in costume!
  12. Mr Fett

    Ready to Roll

    Actually, they're your old suits, OniHunter. LOL
  13. Mr Fett

    Monsterpalooza 2016

    Great pics!
  14. Mr Fett

    Fav pred film ?????

    P2. Same reason as the other guys said. lol
  15. Mr Fett

    Keeping Predator Alive

    Ask away on the board. You've come to a good resource center.