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  1. bluejake

    Predator movie showing

    Last month i was asked to attend showing of the original Predator . Loved it with all the pred fans!!!! #predatorsireland
  2. bluejake

    Sanctum Store

    any update on the tshirts etc???
  3. bluejake

    hi new here

    hello and welcome
  4. bluejake

    Predatorette is back!

    hi and welcome
  5. bluejake


    A few pics of my hunt at halloween!!!! last one is my fav, when the psni(police) call you over for a pic (police) #predatorsireland
  6. bluejake

    My first hunt!!!

    tough im putting it through ur window tonight hahahahaha
  7. bluejake

    My first hunt!!!

    no probs at all brother
  8. bluejake

    My first hunt!!!

    the inspiration
  9. bluejake

    My first hunt!!!

    So i had my first hunt at the weekend all thanks to bryan!!!! i loved every min of it, it was brief but man it rocked!!!! wanna give a big thanks to bryan and the clan of predators ireland for making this hunter feel at home!!! my suit fitted sweet as it was expertly made and i cannot wait to the next hunt............ il post a pic of bryans creation named "blood" python......... THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. bluejake

    Fav pred film ?????

    i personally like the idea of p1, the larger preds in avp looked great especially throwing aliens about with brute force, but............... predators is growing on me.......... i like requiem the least just for the simple reason they messed it up.......had protential for a great storyline
  11. bluejake

    Fav pred film ?????

    Ok guys uve prob discussed this countless times...........But i do ask... fav pred film and why??
  12. bluejake

    New Predator Movie!

    looking forward to this !!
  13. bluejake

    Hi guys

    thanks guys looking forward to my first hunt!!!.....
  14. bluejake

    Hi guys

    hey guys im darren from northern ireland