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  1. hez

    Painting a P1 bio

    I finally got around to finishing this. Sorry about the missing progress pics but they were hosting on photobucket and I can't seem to get them to show up, even when I'm on the photobucket site. Here's some finished ones anyway for now, hope you like the look of it. I added some details with the airbrush without going overboard on the heavy blast marks, hopefully it just looks like it's had years of nicks, dings and other abuse in hostile environments rather than used for target practice.
  2. hez

    Painting a P1 bio

    Here's some more. I applied the silver rub with a brush rather than a cloth, and then put a clear wax over it. The wax really makes it in terms of a realistic feel.
  3. hez

    Painting a P1 bio

    Been a while since I've done one of these but I've been helping a friend get into prop making and she wanted to have a go at some pred stuff. So first technique for the way I like to do them is with metal coatings, patinas and metal rubs. This one here has had a couple of coats of an iron coating and various patinas applied. If I was just doing this for fun I'd be tempted to refine this finish and leave it like this, but since I'm demonstrating I'll go on and add the silver over the top. More to come!
  4. Since I started making knives I've been watching a lot of vids on youtube, and today I stumbled across this one. Figured I'd share it just in case a few people haven't seen it. Predator Blades (Alien vs. Predator) - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED AWE me
  5. hez

    Wulwhite Concept bio. BioMech

    Nice design. It looks like quite a wide face in relation to the rest of it, is that by design or are you still tuning the shape?
  6. hez

    Shiny bio

    This is the last bio I painted up. It had been sitting around for a while and I had some clear left over in my spray gun, so I sprayed it up. I know it's not accurate or anything, but I think the gloss look has an attraction of its own!
  7. hez

    Hello. Again.

    Hi everyone, nice to see somewhere full of old friends. I saw Scott mention this place on FB and thought I'd take a wander over. Nice to be back.