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  1. Eris

    Old Made New

    I picked up two great custom builds (the "Ceremonial" and the "Samurai") last winter, and have finally been able to sort through everything properly. Now that my hand surgery is officially in the PT stage, I've been slowly picking up the pace and have a set plan to refurbish and add some new design elements while retaining the original spirit of the custom work. I nicknamed them Andy (Ceremonial) and Ollie (Samurai) for quick reference. Never done this before.... First finished piece, a repaint on a great XDMRay head. I patched up and fortified the closure at the back of the head, then reinforced any neck issues (with 3"x6" "patches" I made from cheesecloth and layers of latex that can be cut to the shape needed) and dread-hole issues, reinforced the forehead magnet, and then did a complete repaint using the original colors/patterns as much as I could match- then brought out the spotting pattern more onto the temples and forehead. Andy's head done, check. Tools: -A super inexpensive siphon airbrush I picked up at Harbor Freight. It's GREAT for doing overall color coverage and has quick change out bottles. Easy to clean -Badger II airbrush for contrast and finer color variations (I borrow the cup top from my beginner Master Airbrush because it didn't come with one- it seems to keep it from clogging for some reason) -Normal fine brushes w/ acrylic and adhesion promoter for hand painted detailing. I sometimes mix with actual mold builder latex to make it more flexible- a trick that worked great with my Skeksis puppet -Monster Maker Mask Latex in "Bat Black" with cheesecloth for patches. I taped off 3"x6" rectangles on wax paper to make the patches, then peeled them off -Video tripod that spins at the top- made it super easy to turn -Various brand airbrush paints, adhesion promoters, acrylics, a flexible sealer, etc. Problems: -The paint keeps coming off at the magnet attach points when I take the bio on and off- suggestions?? Next Up- Ollie's feet.
  2. Eris

    Ready to Roll

    Hahaha Well then! I'll get on it! Lots done so far, lots to do too...
  3. Eris

    Ready to Roll

    Thanks! Quick newb question- would you like me to post repair/update progress in the different sections- ex. armor repair in armor, skin repair in skins? Or, everything in the "new build" section? They were purchased from another hunter, so they're technically not new. Let me know, thanks!
  4. Eris

    Ready to Roll

    Thanks for the opportunity! I'm a... not really sure what the name of it is, from Mid-Michigan. I've moved from auto body painter/customs, to stage costumer, to milliner, to historical costumer, to steampunk costumer, to armor, Henson puppet replicas (I have a full size Skeksis in my basement, technically 2- one is custom) and full size puppet monsters (Nikodemus and the Great Owl from Rats of Nimh), to Star Wars, now to Preds! Not sure what to call myself other than I love to make things that terrify. I'm currently working on two full Preds I purchased, updating, painting, repairing. I'm a hand painter primarily, and have recently started airbrushing again so my style is unusual. Hope to get in and out on the con floor for the first time in November after my hand heals from surgery. Great to be here!