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  1. Okami-Skullcrusher

    My P2 canon

  2. Okami-Skullcrusher

    Mike "Uratz" Loh needs help

    Mike`s studio burned down: https://www.generosity.com/emergencies-fundraising/help-us-rise-from-the-ashes--2
  3. Okami-Skullcrusher

    IZO...Samurai Inspired Suit

    This gort bio version would be a good base for further IZO-bio modifications:
  4. Okami-Skullcrusher

    Painting a P1 bio

    Top notch paint-job on that bio! Will you add more dents and scratches like blasting-marks?
  5. Okami-Skullcrusher

    IZO...Samurai Inspired Suit

    That are great news! Rob's art is such an inspiration. I remember Mean Gene did a suit based on Rob's Samurai drawings. He also started to build a bio based on Rob's concept. Never saw it finished. So he used a HEZ Gort-bio on his suit.
  6. Okami-Skullcrusher

    The Shredder

    Somehow familiar ...
  7. Okami-Skullcrusher

    Another P2 full size suit/statue

    WOW! Is this Inkmonster's P2 groin-armor? I like the color of the mesh, but for my taste the loops are too tight. Some fresh green-glowing wounds and teared up mesh-loops would look nice on this. Can you post a pic which shows the "bone-bag" above the disc-holster?
  8. Okami-Skullcrusher

    Aquahunter bio sculpt

    aquahunter-bio painting by Ta2pro:
  9. Okami-Skullcrusher

    Another P2 full size suit/statue

    Oh, I see ... Do you have a netting for this suit?
  10. Okami-Skullcrusher

    Another P2 full size suit/statue

    Impressive paint-job on this concrete jungle hunter! Will you attach a net-launcher to the left leg-armor? In case, how will you attach it? - Danny's Archuleta's necklace on the belt would look good on this. This link is from eBay (I hope it is not against the rules of this forum): http://www.ebay.de/itm/PREDATOR-2-DANNY-ARCHULETAS-NECKLACE-movie-prop-replica-/252546492593?hash=item3accf1a8b1:g:dA8AAOSwnQhXo6Jg - Inkmonster's P2 groin and butt armor on this suit would be a great adition. - How about a battle-damage bio on this closed-mouth P2 wit some green- (in the dark) glowing blood on the face? - And don't forget to add the leather-staps on the torso.
  11. Okami-Skullcrusher

    ISO a nice pair of hands

    Wolf-Hands on eBay: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Full-Size-Predator-Hands-Replica-For-Cosplay-Alien-Hunter-/322263110093?hash=item4b0860d1cd:g:ZfQAAOSwLnBX2vUu
  12. Okami-Skullcrusher

    Another P2 full size suit/statue

    Very fine skin-job. And YES, I would be exited to see some P2-props for this build!
  13. Okami-Skullcrusher

    Danny boooooooy

    And here is the exemplar Marc made for me:
  14. Okami-Skullcrusher

    Welcome home

    Welcome to where time stands still No one leaves and no one will ... After the Lair turned into "Predatorium" their core-members vanished. Also creativity. It good to see the talents regrouped on this forum. I'm still into P2-gear. Would like to present the armor-parts like samurai-armor. And perhaps create some day a full urban-hunter-costume ...