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  1. Ei'luj

    This Is A Call Out...Dragon Con 2017!!!

    All y'all I got socked with big bills and a lot of other stuff, so I can't go I'll be with y'all in spirit.. may your blades never be dull !
  2. Ei'luj

    This Is A Call Out...Dragon Con 2017!!!

    I got my room; am looking forward to seeing y'all :)
  3. Ei'luj

    This Is A Call Out...Dragon Con 2017!!!

    I'm saving up my credits for next year (won't be able to go this year )
  4. Ei'luj

    Thanks for keeping Predator Alive!

    Many thanks, Matt! Welcome to our home!
  5. Ei'luj

    Feels good to be home!

    Welcome home, Estelle!
  6. Ei'luj

    How the Sanctum came to be

    Excellent post, Scott! You have said what we all have had in the back of our minds; 'I feel lost and alone, and something is missing' But we're alone no more; we're home, and the family is gathered once again. --- Ei'luj
  7. Ei'luj

    Dread bead danglie drops

    Those are cool; accessories are the finishing touch/rounding off to a suit ...
  8. Ei'luj

    Here are couple

    Love those blades! Good times! :D
  9. Ei'luj

    Glad I found this place

    Wonko, its good to see you; lost hunter wanders no more :)
  10. Ei'luj

    Hello all

    Hello vegeta! Great to see you again; welcome home :D
  11. Ei'luj


    Good to see you, neokazama! Welcome home :D
  12. Ei'luj


    Welcome home, DJ; I love those colors on your suit
  13. Ei'luj

    well hello there

    George!!! :D welcome to the nuthouse....
  14. Ei'luj

    LHS Sticker

    Awesome sauce!!!!
  15. Ei'luj

    Down with the new...

    Welcome to the Lost Hunters, Ricky!