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    Greetings from the Valleys

    Hi I was sent here by a friend who is also an epic Predator that I had the honour to meet at con. So, umm, what to say, I'm from Wales, I'm an insane Predator fan and I'm pretty much biting the bullet and going to make my own costume. Now this is where it gets interesting, I'm not a small guy, as a matter of fact I'm a very overweight guy and that has up until now stopped me making this costume. Frankly I got in my head 'no such things as a fat predator' but after talking to people, I realise that this is possible. So I'm here, hoping to pick up build tips, meet people and enjoy being part of this community. Naturally I understand there will be challenges purely based on my size (oh finding an undersuit is murder) but I'm up for it if you guys don't mind plaguing you all with random questions or frustrated outbursts where I appear to have given up hope!