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  1. CelticHunter

    Thanks for keeping Predator Alive!

    Thank you greatly for the kind words Matt. We here all all we can here to keep the legacy of the predator alive
  2. CelticHunter

    MotorCity Comic Con

    Motorcity Comic con is back again at the Suburban Show place in Novi, MI may 13th thru the 15th. Sunday May 15th myself and some others are trying to get together a large clan of hunters from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois , and any other surrounding states.
  3. CelticHunter

    Temple Guard Predator

    im absolutely loving the paint up on the skin and the bio
  4. CelticHunter


    glad to see you here brotha
  5. CelticHunter

    hunter from mid michigan

    Thank you everyone. Glad to meet everyone some people for the first time. Some people I already know from facebook and the original lair
  6. CelticHunter

    hunter from mid michigan

    Are you sure? LOL
  7. CelticHunter

    hunter from mid michigan

    hi all!!! im josh from flint mi. been costuming predator for just over a year now. along with my wife whp has been costuming pred for far longer. DSC_0834.NEF