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  1. kjones

    Midwest Hunters Clan 2016 Meetup at MCCC

    It's been a while, but here's some updated pics of Lady Predator from Grand Rapids Comic Con 2017. Photos by Shawn M. Scott Photography
  2. kjones

    New Project Rewards 2016

    I'm making a full second Lady Predator this summer/fall. I have a set of armour from SPGFX that needs customizing and finishing, and I casted up my own Bio to go with it! As soon as I get started on it I'll start a thread.
  3. kjones

    Fav pred film ?????

    It's very difficult for me to distill it down to just one. There are things that I like about all of them... As far as the Predators themselves are concerned, each one we've seen has been cool in their own way. The storylines however are far more debatable. For overall story premise I'd say P1 first. I liked the premise of Predators...but there were some details I didn't care for character wise. The premise of AVP probably comes in second for me. Now if we could only get a Lady Pred in an upcoming film....
  4. kjones

    Midwest Hunters Clan 2016 Meetup at MCCC

    Any of you planning on meeting up with us at Grand Rapids Comic Con Oct 21-23?
  5. kjones

    Hi guys

    welcome, Darren!
  6. kjones

    hunter from mid michigan

    And this Wife loves her Husband Predator!
  7. kjones

    I thank ya!

    I'm just glad to be here :-D
  8. kjones

    Hello from Ohio!

    Glad to have you!
  9. hey all... So this year at motor City Comic Con we had the largest meetup of preds in the Midwest area since 2009! I give you The Midwest Hunters' Clan: Left to right: Amanda Spano, Mark Dye, Craig Provine, Amber Martin Sotello, Kristen Jones, Josh Jones, Alex Ford, Sean Baumgartner, Jason Rutledge, Rhonda Payne, John Quick. Not Pictured: Andrew Miller, Katie Griffin, Hunter Allen Lady Predator "likes" Vasquez. The Showdown commences. Kristen Jones (Lady Predator) Alex Ford (Xeno Prey) Kristen Jones (Lady Predator) Josh Jones (Celtic Hunter) Game Over, Man! GAME OVER!! Step off, Shaman... this one's MINE!! Lady gets the job done! Kristen Jones as Lady Predator Give Us that little Kissssssss......! The Clan assembles! Lady and her Celtic. Josh Jones as The Temple Guardian Amber Martin Sotello (Unmasked Hunter) Amanda Spano (Lady Hunter) Josh Jones (Temple Guardian) Craig Provine (Jungle Hunter) Alex Ford (Xeno Prey) Jason Rutledge (Elder Predator) Amanda Spano (Lady Hunter) Andrew Miller (Big Blue) John Quick (Arctic Hunter) Mr. Fett (Andrew Miller) as Big Blue John Quick as the Arctic hunter Josh Jones as The Celtic Hunter Craig Provine as The Jungle Hunter Amber Martin Sotello as the Unmasked Hunter Sean Baumgartner as The Shaman Jason Rutledge as The Elder Rhonda Payne as BUGSsss , Katie Griffin as Vasquez Prey Arctic and Big Blue fight over Juno (Diane K. Suttles) Midwest Hunters Clan Members: Sean Baumgartner (Shaman) Josh Jones (Celtic, Temple Guardian) Kristen Jones (Lady Predator) Amanda Spano (Lady Hunter) Amber Martin Sotello (Unmasked Hunter) Jason Rutledge (Elder Predator) Craig Provine (Jungle Hunter) Andrew Miller (Big Blue) Mark Dye (Unnamed hunter) John Quick (Arctic Hunter) Rhonda Payne ( BUGSsss ) Alex Ford (Xeno Prey) Katie Griffin (Vasquez Prey) Hunter Allen (Honorary Juvenile Hunter) Amanda Spano (Lady Hunter) and Hunter Allen (Honorary Juvenile Hunter)
  10. kjones

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    Thanks, Jason! I was honoured to meet you...and to get the chance to be part of such a large gathering of Hunters and Prey. Here are a few more pics, courtesy of Darkstar photography:
  11. kjones

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    Thanks! Those blades came from Mike Mitchell of SPGFX. I also got my shins and gauntlets from him. I believe he is still a member here... look him up! http://losthunterssanctum.com/index.php?/profile/98-spgfx/
  12. kjones

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    For good measure, I suited up in order to check the fit of everything:
  13. kjones

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    A bit of an update as I'm down to the last few days before MCCC and the big Northwest Hunters' Clan meetup! I weathered my whole armour set again, just to darken and "grungify" the look a bit more: A few more bits of the armour: And finally my finished feet and shins:
  14. kjones

    MotorCity Comic Con


    Lady Pred will be there as well!