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  1. The Wolf (MProjects)

    1 Month Anniversary

    Wooooot, shower more Predator love on this awesome place. Hopefully sometime when I get my airbrush I'll finally continue some 1:1 Pred stuff.
  2. The Wolf (MProjects)

    Thanks for keeping Predator Alive!

    I seriously cannot even put into words of how much I agree with what has been said here already. It's fantastic to have you here Matt! We will always be with the Predator legacy in honour of your dad and for Kevin! Sharing our passion and knowledge of this AMAZING creature design!! Thank you sir, truly, for everything. From stepping forward with Stan's legacy and for taking SWS to the next level in the effects community (It just keeps on growing!) All of it means so much to us! Thank You!!! -Marcus
  3. The Wolf (MProjects)

    Settling In

    I really dig it Scott. It's awesome. It definitely has brought back the feel of the old lair, supported the forum since 09 and still own my hoodie and shirt lol I just spent the past couple hours posting reference images of Wolf. Was very straight forward to handle! Some old and new were added from the old gallery i helped with (mostly new) I hope they're ok I'm more than likely going to help with the other preds too. I have a crap ton of pics to share!
  4. The Wolf (MProjects)

    Background Images

    It's coming along! This is just the start, killer job so far Scott!
  5. The Wolf (MProjects)

    P1 P2 busts

    Seriously bud, just stunning works of art
  6. The Wolf (MProjects)

    My Bio paintwork

    Some of the best bio paint jobs out there, always amazed seeing your 1:1 work Mike!
  7. The Wolf (MProjects)

    Mission Statement

    Together again at last...a new beginning. Happy to see some familiar folks return! (this is Wolf Predator 1 from the old Lair)