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  1. Love it Favorite lycanthrope film.
  2. Tusky

    Site Upgrade

    All good Sir....I've been away for a while.
  3. Tusky

    Jason V's Freddy Hock

    Might crack out my old Jason mask and do somemore to it. Thanks for the inspiration
  4. So after I took a leave of absence from the predator clan I joined the Marines,....NZCM to be exact. Another kiwi noticed my interest on FB regarding Predator and Alien adked me if I would be interested in joining the FB page of the USCM NZ chapter. As a fan of ALIENS I agreed and then said "why not become the NZCM" Well that idea took off. We now have about a dozen members and a set of New Zealand themed patches. Below are a handful of images of the fabrication of sets of foam armour made for my families troop at a local con as two squads of marines. My set will be hopefully finished this year for another troop once I get my armour coated and sealed wirh plasti dip. I also built a motion tracker to take a phone with tracker app. The prop/suit making journey continues
  5. Tusky

    How the Sanctum came to be

    Make that x 1000.00
  6. Tusky

    The inaugural chat session

    Blast, I missed it.
  7. Tusky

    Hunt Repair Kit

    Thanks Scott But, no duct tape???
  8. Tusky

    well hello there

  9. Negative on that. The yearly con is our family trip. This was our third year, never miss it.
  10. Tusky

    Once a hunter,....

    Hi all Yes TUSKY is back. Good to see alot of the old hunters and huntress here. For those that don't know me, ive been a predaholic since opening day of the original in 1987. Made my first suit in 1991 after P2. Upgraded it several times over the years and was succesful at a few halloween comps. Was working on a new suit when the old lair went stale. Lost my passion to continue and ditched all but. Trophie bones and my gauntlet blades. I used to sketch the hunter when I was younger, will post them up when I find them. I have a couple of models and avtion figures also. Predator is still my favorite of the franchise Made alot of good friends on The Hunters Lair. Look forward to making new ones. ....and maybe another suit .....The hunt continues.... Ps. Thank you Scott,..brother hunter.
  11. Tusky

    Silicone Elder Mask

    Exceptional as always buddy. Nice touch with baseing it off your P1. As for the extra day,...PM me when you find out how to get one
  12. Tusky

    Temple Guard Predator

    Loving the paint up sofar, a stand out suit in the making
  13. Tusky

    Iron Man costume or rather iron girl

    Looking good brother. I made a Thor costume for my youngest son out of foam. Great stuff.
  14. Tusky

    Settling In

    All good here Scott, layout is great. thanks again.
  15. Tusky

    Signing in . ' .

    Haha, another of the "usual suspects", welcome home Bryan.
  16. Tusky

    Mission Statement

    Good see the clan is back,.... Feels nice. Thanks everyone
  17. Tusky

    my intro

    Welcome huntress, glad to see you again.
  18. Tusky

    Back in the game intro

    Long time no see buddy, happy hunting
  19. Tusky


    Good to see you still have green glowing blood running through ya veins.