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  1. Hi guys, I haven't been around here in a while.. and apparently nobody else. What happened to all the crazy Predheads?? C'mon people, bring back the creativity, show your monsters, suits, etc. Here are a couple shots of a life size bust I painted. Hope you like it Cheers Chris
  2. NeoKazama


    lol I dunno why I typed Gort !!!! Working on Shaman and Snake now.
  3. NeoKazama

    IZO...Samurai Inspired Suit

    Once again the concept art of Rob is flawless, is gonna be a brutal built when you are done with it. I'll keep checking this one out!
  4. NeoKazama


    Thank you Scott and Nikki. Like Scott said, this has been a dream of many of us. They won't be screen accurate (for example I don't like the Original Elder paintjob but I prefer the colors of the HotToys version). Here are the first two, Borg and Elder. The Shaman will be next. Thanks for watching BORG ELDER
  5. NeoKazama


    HELLO HUNTERS !!!!!, I just wanted to start a new topic. I decided to work on my personal collection again and what a better way to start a collection than with all the Lost Hunters I got my hands on a Snyder P2 and Borg will be the first. Pics will come soon. Stay tuned. -Chris
  6. NeoKazama

    Another P2 full size suit/statue

    Thanks. I'll get some pictures of that. Here are a couple shots, just messing around while i was working on the netting.
  7. NeoKazama

    Aquahunter bio sculpt

    To many of us who already know who Casey (BioHunter76) is, we know that his props are the best quality, and clean casts out there. Casey is a great guy to deal with and from the moment you place your order until your item arrives home, he will make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. I had the pleasure of working with him in many builds and I can honestly say I trust this guy and I can call him a friend. Very happy to see you back online bro. -Chris PS: Sick bio helmet!!
  8. NeoKazama

    Another P2 full size suit/statue

    I Hope so too, but i doubt it. You know how protective are collectors, maybe i'll get to convince him to take one for the website. Here are pics of the Predator, it should be going home next week. Cargo shipping of course lol
  9. NeoKazama

    Another P2 full size suit/statue

    Hmmmm.... Thanks, but like stated on the first post, whatever is missing from this suit is because client has the REAL / original props from the movie.
  10. NeoKazama


    I did a few mods on this piece
  11. Hi guys, I got commissioned to paint a P2 that has some armor parts "missing", well not really.... The client has the real props, like helmet, gaunts, chest armor, cannon etc. (Before everyone gets to excited, I cannot share the pics of those items at request of the client. But for what I can tell you, the props are still looking good, but the paint is not. Maybe someday he will share the photos of the full build when done. Anyways, I got a set of Chuck's skins, a P2 head by Casey etc. I been working on it for a week already in my free time, so here are a couple shots. Thanks for watching!!!
  12. NeoKazama


    That has to be one of the best mash ups suits EVER !!! Greatly executed Bryan !! Weathering on that lid is f'ing AWESOME!
  13. NeoKazama

    Resin Wolf bust

    Just beautiful!! Been looking for one to paint too. Great paintjob bud. -Chris
  14. NeoKazama

    Elder Mask (WIP)

    Here is a SM Elder mask I'm working at the moment. Still a few things to add life the spots on top of head, mottling etc. Is based on the the Hot Toys Elder 2.0 - I actually like the color palette better than the one from the film.