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  1. Hes my second attempt at a P1 unfortunately I had to sell it a few years back.
  2. Inkmonster

    MotorCity Comic Con


    As long as I still have my suit I will be there.
  3. Inkmonster

    My Predator 2 groin and butt armor sculpt

    Wow thank you thats a hell of a compliment.
  4. Hes some in progress pics of my Guardian Pred suit build. Almost done.
  5. I know some have seen this before but since this is a new forum I decided to post it here. This is my sculpt I did about 2 years ago of the P2 groin and butt armor I made for my Guardain Predator suit project.
  6. Inkmonster

    Hello Fellow Hunters

    Hello everyone just wanted to intruduce myself to any that dont know me. My names Dwayne Im a tattoo artist in michigan been into the prop and costume hobby for many years now. I see a lot of firmiluar names from other forums Im a member of. Looking forward to chatting with a lot of you the ones I know and the ones I have yet to meet. I will post some shots of my current costume a but later as well as some old projects.