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  1. AndrewM

    Monsterpalooza 2016

    The pics don't lie, we had such a blast. it was spur of the moment when Jamie said Andrew I came here to meet you and I got my suit in the car.... we all looked at each other and were like oh shit this is sooo gonna happen. what an honor for me to suit up with Jamie and have all my best buds there to help and witness it... thanks scott for helping me out and rach my handler, We did it!!!!! Great friends and awesome time...
  2. AndrewM


    now that's a wicked piece chris....
  3. AndrewM

    Hello from Ohio!

    welcome to the sanctum....yes the spirit of the hunter lives here still
  4. AndrewM

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    a build thread.....how awesome is this. nice armor upgrade
  5. AndrewM

    Lost Hunter Elder suit

    dude that is so cool of you to say...I never take that kind of comment or granted just so you know...means allot to me
  6. AndrewM

    Custom Elder Mask

    that's pretty badass chris ...
  7. AndrewM

    This Is A Call Out...Dragon Con 2017!!!

    I like your bribe...might be cool to head down with my kids to hang with some of my crazy pred friends....
  8. AndrewM

    My Pred head Drawing

    trying to match up the headpiece to the drawing....noticing some fixes I need to make
  9. AndrewM

    Sanctum Store

    this is a great way to brand the forum....nice
  10. AndrewM

    ICE - Old and New Bio helmet WIP

    I like the "sand" bio it's got a very post war vibe to it...nice work dude
  11. AndrewM

    New Predator Movie!

    rumor mill says Arnold is "talking" about making an appearance....could it be finally?
  12. AndrewM

    Sanctum Meet Up 2016

    So Stoked to meet the hardcore guys who keep me inspired and driven to still do this after all these years... what better arena to meet than monsterpalooza, matt Winston Jamie hall and few others will be there....
  13. AndrewM

    My Pred head Drawing

    thanks happy to be drawing again...the details are driving me nucking futs.
  14. AndrewM

    R H I N O ---bio ( custom ) pic heavy

    dig this lid...it's got a real sinister look to it
  15. AndrewM

    a few prop Replicas.....

    as an owner of one of these pieces I'm jaded ...but it's pretty badass. killer job on this gary