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  1. The Gruffalo

    Predator Mega Cannon

    Top quality Mike we need to see the updates like on FB
  2. The Gruffalo

    Monsterpalooza 2016

    Awesome Sauce !!
  3. The Gruffalo

    New Project Rewards 2016

    I have a new badboy on a slow burn. Time to crank up the heat !!! No T-shirt for the 1st Sanctum Pred ?
  4. The Gruffalo

    Jason V's Freddy Hock

    I did this a while back as a trial to see if I could get the dremmel work right and aged effect right before I started on my Pred. I've come a long way since, but I'm still proud of it. Gonna do a suit soon if all my fav Jason bits like I did with my fave Pred bits. its a frightstuff blank
  5. The Gruffalo

    Custom Pred " The Gruffalo"

    I'm nearly there, I'll uploads all my progress pics from the start at a later date. But at the min I'm trying to get it finished for my first con on the 20th of Feb @ LSCC. The latex parts are being painted by Skunk!
  6. The Gruffalo

    Wulwhite Concept bio. BioMech

    Cracking fella
  7. The Gruffalo

    Mr. Giggles revisted

    Love Mr Giggles
  8. Looks the nuts fella, you UK based ?
  9. Crackin fella luvley detail. Just one com I'd agree to make the quills a lot thinner !
  10. The Gruffalo

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    That's looks stunning matie well done. All looks amazing. Loving the super long dreads. More room to accessorise lol. And those feet m shins worked out Crackalackin !! where did you get your wicked blades from ? And great work on MrFetts suit n all
  11. The Gruffalo

    Another SM p1 bust finished :)

    Utter Shit now start again lol
  12. The Gruffalo

    The Gruffalo....by Lowdmekon

    Cheers buddy
  13. The Gruffalo

    Custom Pred " The Gruffalo"

    Pics from a photoshoot I was at
  14. The Gruffalo

    Custom Pred " The Gruffalo"

    Cheers I've tried to get as much detail as poss. Like all the rest of thd armour or anything that might be seen has been painted abd destined. Wolf. Which cannon bud ? Yautja Cheerz Kjones yours is looking sweet.
  15. The Gruffalo

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    Nothing like a final two week push !!!
  16. The Gruffalo

    Double posts

    Everytime I post something it doubles ??? Any ideas ??
  17. I'd love to get 10 Preds together !!
  18. The Gruffalo

    Double posts

    Just did it again bud when I replied to a post I had to go back in and delete my duplicated comment.
  19. The Gruffalo

    Boar bio

    I'm sure you've done it, but did you ask Casey ? Another way to find out is contact Chuck he's in Ohio or contact your local Pred Headz with suit and see if your bio fits !!
  20. The Gruffalo

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    Looks really really good matie Looks really really good matie
  21. The Gruffalo

    Hello from Ohio!

    Welcome and no worries I'm happy to help anyway I can buddy
  22. The Gruffalo

    Double posts

    Did you see my comment on Dutch's post lol
  23. The Gruffalo

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    The shins look truely epic matie, your smashing it out the park. Can't wait to see more on your suit.