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  1. Elder-One

    New Skin sculpt

    I've shared this on Facebook a few times, so i don't want to be too redundant. Onihunter asked me to start this thread here for all to see the skin. I sculpted this with the Berserker in mind, but took the details on the legs a lot farther that the original sculpt. Most of the berserker skin appearance in the movie is from the skills of Casey Love and his airbrush. Some of the original lab shots show the 3D appearance is not actually from the sculpture itself. SO - as I am NOT Casey Love and sure as hell can't paint like that, I had top put it in clay, so I have a "paint-by-the-numbers" platform to follow. it's not exact to the berserker on purpose. A paint scheme of any kind could be used for this skin, from berserker and falconer, to AVP and a P2 skin. it's all about the shading. I have a small amount to complete on the calf and some minor skin texture. Then I am planning to mold the legs this Friday - 9June. The size is a larger skin. The mannequin i used was 6'3", and had my dimension - 54" shoulders, 45" chest, 40" belly section, 42" hips and 30" inseam. The dimensions grew a bit with the addition of the clay for detail, but of course the overall skin is slightly smaller due to the latex shrinkage. These pictures will show the upper somewhat tight - yea I've put on 10+lbs since i started the work. I'll post in the appropriate section when complete and ready if anyone i interested in buying this. The prices will be comparable to skins we did a number of years ago + shipping. I have ordered a new product i recently learned about and will be trying it out this weekend. This material is somewhat more expensive than latex, so if it works out, the prices using that material will be slightly higher to cover the additional cost. More to com - enjoy. Elder-One
  2. Elder-One

    My Elder of Old

    This was my first suit I built. I did the mask, but used parts from other talented individuals around the globe to complete. This suit has seen a lot.....