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  1. Arctic Hunter

    Monsterpalooza 2016

    epic as hell so want to hunt with you guys
  2. Arctic Hunter

    MCCC 2017

    thank ya sir
  3. Arctic Hunter

    MCCC 2017

    just a few pics of this years hunt. feel free to add any if yu were there
  4. Arctic Hunter

    Elder dreads

    Just wondering if anyone knows were to get elder dreads. Thanks
  5. Arctic Hunter

    ICE - Old and New Bio helmet WIP

    Love it bro awesome job. Can't wait to see what it looks like on the Arctic hunter mask
  6. Arctic Hunter

    Biker Scout Helmet Project

    badass bro
  7. Arctic Hunter

    big red belt in need

    hi I am in need of a big red belt. can anyone point me in the right direction , no luck in finding a maker of this belt I will thank you in advance for any help. last piece to complete the suit.
  8. Arctic Hunter

    ICE - Old and New Bio helmet WIP

    crazy work love all it
  9. Arctic Hunter

    R H I N O ---bio ( custom ) pic heavy

    looking great bro love it
  10. Arctic Hunter

    Midwest Hunters Clan 2016 Meetup at MCCC

    this was soooo fun thanks for posting this nicely done
  11. Arctic Hunter

    A Huntress' Journey; My suit builds

    suits are killer nice work
  12. Arctic Hunter

    my first suit

    thanks guys
  13. Arctic Hunter

    my first suit

    yes sir you have lol
  14. Arctic Hunter

    My Suit Builds Over The Years

    man those are sick. awesome suits great work true art fourm.
  15. Arctic Hunter

    Suited up

    so jealous. you are da man