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  1. Philbytattoos

    WARFRAME .....valkyr helmet for the wife

    yea i'm not a gamer,...and there's not really any good reference pics of this helmet so ,...got it as close as possible given the material
  2. Started shaping out a helmet from the game WARFRAME that my wife loves ,....she uses Valkyr ....i liked the design also so figured id make her something cool here's a few pics of how far i got so far ,....prob half done if that ,... let me know what YOU THINK !!!
  3. Philbytattoos

    Custom Pred " The Gruffalo"

    anxiously awaiting update bruhh
  4. Philbytattoos

    Here are couple

    yea was gonna say ,...yours was one of the first i saw that was screen worthy ,....definately put the fire under my ass that it was " possible " ,..with alot of money and even more patience,...badass good sir ,..
  5. Philbytattoos


    sooooo nasty brother,....the patience to do perfect pattern dots is that little extra that sells it ,...doesn't look man made so adds to the whole " realness " ,....superb painting brother !!
  6. Philbytattoos

    My first build

    HELL YEA BROTHER !!! looks super badass,....question though ,..do you put black around your eyes under your mask ??,...thatd be the last tiny little selling point in my opinion ,....suit came together perfect though boss man !!! epic !
  7. Philbytattoos

    R H I N O ---bio ( custom ) pic heavy

    yea back in the mood since weathers turning,...winter time go thru music and painting phases,...but i prefer being outside castiing or molding or whatevers clever,..
  8. Philbytattoos

    WOW! This is AWESOME!

    you did really good in that suit as well jamie,...gave it life,...even the nuances of arm movement and head movement,...top notch boss man good seein ya buddy
  9. Philbytattoos

    R H I N O ---bio ( custom ) pic heavy

    top view,...clay at base blends in and looks wonky ,...trust me its very close to perfect symmetry now ,... should mold by second week of march ,...i'll keep ya updated
  10. Philbytattoos

    The 4 Cannons of The Apocalypse!

    I'm pretty peanut butter and jealous brother,....badass cannons for sure,.... been meaning to get a p1 but started on my custom jazz so ,...still on my list though
  11. Philbytattoos

    VIP's in our house

    both are awesome dudes and down to earth ,...love their work all around ,...and very humble ,..which is refreshing
  12. Philbytattoos

    R H I N O ---bio ( custom ) pic heavy

    yea i definately wouldve cast and molded it and all teeth seperately but i'm getting off track with it and just letting it go wherever its going,....did a mock up horn and it just didnt look right ,.. looked hokey really so ,...probably just gonna buiild up the upper crown and do the symmetry and i think i like how its looking so not gonna do tooo much more to it ,... ive noticed i over-do bios sometimes and this one has a simpler but sleek and pissy look to it ,...so i'll leave it alone ,...i can always sculpt on first cast to see if it can be a " universal" bio that can be customized or whatevers clever
  13. Philbytattoos

    P2 Head Tutorial

    good seeing a paint walk-thru ,...kinda wish id seen this before doing my p2 but it's all good,.. awesome looking paint job makes the mask even MORE badass,..
  14. Philbytattoos

    Animatronic AVP Large. Cal. Cannon

    think i saw this on facebook ,...super sick dude,...the articulation is unreal ,...movie quality at its finest !!
  15. Philbytattoos

    2nd Bio Sculpt

    yea thats pretty sick brother,....good balance between gadgets and naturalist stuff ,...solid flow too man ,...its balanced real nice,... i see alot of them overloaded ,...this one balances out perfect dude,...* props !!