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    ReyalS' corner of Collectibles

    A long while ago, there was a really awesome PREDATOR forum (and it WAS the best place for PREDATOR and related topics)... Z We had a contest to see who could come up with the "best" custom plasma caster. This was my entry. It was so fun to assemble... and only cost a few bucks to make.
  2. I will place my customs, collectibles, any type of junk related to this topic here. Being that I'm a tad familiar with the forums of yore, I believe it would keep from clogging up the forums too bad if I just maintain my geek-sessions here. So, if it's figure/custom/bust/statue/comic based... and it's from me, you'll find it here in this topic I've created. Thanks for looking everyone.
  3. ReyalS DeDAgheN

    P2 Elders

    Always amazeballs! One of the top PredPainters for sure!
  4. ReyalS DeDAgheN

    Designs and scribblies by: ReyalS DeDAgheN

    Bro... sorry for the late reply, ???. I have a mannequin head, I just need more clay. I'm hopping to get a little something stated whilst its warmer. But... I'm scared... I'm scared I'm scared...?.
  5. Well, one of my favorite threads. Let's see where this leads.
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    Designs and scribblies by: ReyalS DeDAgheN

    A few of my recent designs.
  7. ReyalS DeDAgheN

    ReyalS' corner of Collectibles

    Aaaah, thanks. That means a lot to me. I am having fun with it. Can't wait to finish this up. ?
  8. ReyalS DeDAgheN

    ReyalS' corner of Collectibles

    Yeah, I'm getting pumped for this one. I have a good vision in my head and hope I can execute it as closely as possible.
  9. ReyalS DeDAgheN

    ReyalS' corner of Collectibles

    Started a new custom the other day. I've been out of the game for a bit due to time constraints and life in general, but... I am back. This one has been sitting in my 'to do' bin for a while. I have been racking my brain to figure out something for it, and well, decided he'll be more of a "ancient/primitive" styled PREDATOR. Not really tech based, but bad ass none the less. Hope you follow the progress. Enjoy.?
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    The Hades going on around here?

    Someone brought up the use of other people's lines without permission or recognition. No drama peeps, get the chit straight. Credit where due.
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    It puts the Pred in the Hed!

    My works in no specific order... WHATSOEVER!
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