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  1. Hdogg

    Here are couple

    Thank you all for the kind words.
  2. Hdogg

    Lost Hunter Elder suit

    You are a legend my friend!! Love that suit.
  3. Hdogg

    P2 Head Tutorial

    You are truly a master of the craft my friend.
  4. Hdogg

    Here are couple

    Not that I've seen.
  5. Hdogg

    Here are couple

    My lost hunter and Chopper.
  6. Hdogg

    My Suit Builds Over The Years

    Yea.... There ok.
  7. Hdogg

    Yo yo yo!!

    This is going to be epic! My name is Hayden and a lot of you may now me for my Chopper on the lair. This site will be awesome. Cheers