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  1. Wolf Elder

    Stunt bio and Wasp bio available

    Letting these two painted pieces go. $600 shipped in US. For some reason it won't let me upload pics. Shoot me an email gambit44.ds@gmail.com
  2. Wolf Elder

    Aquahunter bio sculpt

    This has got to be my new favorite bio!!! Damn Casey....take my money!!!
  3. Wolf Elder

    Iron Man costume or rather iron girl

    Talent right there. I'd walk around in foam too. Resin is a chore. Great job.
  4. Wolf Elder

    Jason Hockey Masks: WIP & Finished

    That's one dirty mask. Gotta love the OL hockey masks of the past.
  5. Wolf Elder

    Custom Pred " The Gruffalo"

    Hell yea Tony. THIS is what it's all about. Great job on the build and detail.
  6. Wolf Elder

    Kristen's Enduring Lady Pred

    Yea,this is WICKED BADASS
  7. Wolf Elder

    Hi All nowt beats the feelin of being home!

    Welcome to the madness Gruff ????
  8. Wolf Elder

    SPGFX - Hello all !

    Your in the right place,welcome to sanctum
  9. Wolf Elder

    WOW! This is AWESOME!

    Jamie,glad you found the jungle. Welcome aboard dude.
  10. Wolf Elder

    Thanks for keeping Predator Alive!

    Right on Matt,thank YOU for the intro and checking out the sanctum. It's an honor good sir.
  11. Wolf Elder

    New Predator Movie!

    Yea,bunch of fake images and news circulating right now. They just finished the script. It will be a bit before we see anything.
  12. Wolf Elder

    The 4 Cannons of The Apocalypse!

    Canon guru,nice stuff
  13. Wolf Elder

    my AVP Spear Replica.....

    Nice piece in person.
  14. Wolf Elder

    still kicking......

    Welcome Gary
  15. Wolf Elder

    LHS Sticker

    Haaaa,dig it??