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Found 1 result

  1. As promised in my intro, here are some WIP of the sculpt at hand. Decoded to go with a Guardian pred for this one. I'm sure most of you know the Guardian is basically a P1 with a new paint job. Lol So the first part of the sculpt is ( obviously ) the head. It will actually be molded without the neck to enable proper positioning when designing the rest of the bust. Once it's cast, I will begin the dreaded ( pun intended ? ) dreads. All 50 of them. Unless of course I sculpt one and make 50 casts!!! Either way, it's gonna be some work. But the pay off will be spectacular. Anyways, here are the pics so far. P.S. The quills are for placement and size. Which after taking the pic, I discovered they are too big. The holes have since been sized down and quills remade. I'll actually be hand rolling each quill upon each cast. They're made using Sugru. Sugru is a very good rubber that is easy to use and has tremendous properties that make it bendable.