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Hunt Repair Kit

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This is an old post I did but it still rings true. Never fail to have a repair kit on hand when you roll out. My old kit had:

Black paint: Pretty much for any small touch up.
Various Paint brushes: For paint, glue, etc.
Super Glue: Regular stuff then some thicker stuff I get from a local hobby shop.
Super Glue Activator: This is a spray that when sprayed on the super glue it acts like a catalyst and sets it almost instantly. Great for quick on floor repairs.
Needle and Thread: Attach almost anything together.
Wire: Just in case.
String: Just in case.
Scissors and Small Pliers: For obvious reasons.
Diff. Size Popsicle sticks: Spreading glue, poking things, holding things while gluing.
Velcro: Various atachment uses.
Q-tips: Various uses.
ZipTies: Your best friend. Too many uses to post. All else fails....zip it.

If there are unique aspects to your suit, pack materials for those special needs as well. The suits I build, I could fix almost anything with this kit. I usually ship this kit to Damon before hand cause I usually dont check luggage on the plain. If you pack it in your luggage make sure to put it in a couple or three plastic bags incase something leaks out.

Boom...copy and pasted.

Cheers all!




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