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Mr Fett

Platforming feet - Tutorial.

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Here's a little tutorial from a number of years ago about how I made my feet platformed. It has helped a number of other Predator costumers over the years so hopefully it can help more on Lost Hunters Sanctum. Not many Predator costumers are 7' tall like the movie actors were, but our goal should be getting as close to that height as we can, and that means platforming our feet and having our giant bobble-head masks and helmets to help add even a few more inches of height.

I got some larger sized feet from Ruffkintoy and here is what I did to add about 5 1/4" of height to my costume. He has sculpted a few styles of Predator feet so far and he intentionally sculpts his feet to allow room for internal platforming space. Having the internal space sculpted large prevents having to add a bunch of height under a shorter sculpted foot, giving the costume a Frankenstein shoe appearance from the outside, which should be avoided. I have his "generic Predator" feet, but he's also sculpted AVP style and P2 style feet the same way....with extra internal space just to add hidden platforms.

What Ruffkintoy did with his own feet is cut up a bunch of cheap flip-flops and layer the inside to gain inches, then put a normal flip-flop at the top, which is the part he wears through the toes like flip-flops are normally worn. I wanted something similar but instead found some chunky heeled platformed womens shoes at the thrift store for $3. This will supply the same kind of wedge effect as the heel itself is 3 1/2" of height to my costume.


These were a womens size 10, and I wear 10 1/2 in mens shoes, but they fit quite well actually. Just the big toe area of my feet were pushing against the front of the shoe, so I took an exacto knife and cut the front off, so it wears like a sandal. With the front of these shoes being platformed also, the "wedge" angle isn't too steep like a high heel or something. Heck, even my men's work boots have a 2" heel on them. Like I said, you could go about finding ANY type of shoe that has a taller heel to use, but you'd have to add more layers of matting inside the Predator feet, then. 



.....and afterwards....





I did have to make a slit up the back of the Predator foot to insert the shoes, but that's an easy fix with superglue and some more latex.


Instead of cutting up flip flops to add more height, I got some home workout floor matting. This type of foam is much lighter weight than the hard rubber type you'd find at health clubs, and it cuts with either scissors or exacto knives. You can do multiple pairs of Predator feet with one pack.




You just lay your Predator feet on there, use a Sharpie marker to trace around the outside, then cut to shape. You'll have to trim a bit to fit inside the foot properly, but no big deal.




I put two layers inside the foot, then the shoe on top of those. That's all the space I had. With different shoes inside, you'd have to experiment with different amounts of layers. I also added one more layer outside the bottom of the Predator foot to protect the bottom and add yet more height. Total height where my heel rests to the floor is about 5 1/4" or so. Add another few inches for the top of the Pred head and I have some nice height in costume. I'm 5'11" barefoot and 6'7"-6'8" range fully suited up. 


Finished look:




Because I used shoes that have a platformed sole to them, I can run screws up through the bottom of the sandal sole, though the bottom of the Predator foot and more layers of matting and into the bottom of the shoes themselves. I put 2 in each heel and 2 across the ball of the foot area. I also added contact cement between the bottom matting layer and the latex bottom of the foot to make an even firmer connection.


The cool thing about this matting, besides it's fairly light weight, is since it's made for dumbbells to sit on, it comes with a "grid" looking side, which is what you'd normally be standing on while lifting weights, and a smoother bottom side, which is made for gripping concrete floors. I put this side down on the outside matting to create a firmer grip to stand on cement floors with while costuming. 


Here's a shot of the finished feet:




Walking in them is decent and you get used to it. Just the overall size of the Predator feet themselves takes a little bit getting used to, as they're longer and much wider than a human foot is. 

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