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The Gruffalo....by Lowdmekon

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Massive thanks to all that have taken part and provided parts and skills and paint to get the big guy finished.

starting at the top....

Nearly all the resin and latex parts are from Chuck Ruffing aka Ruffkintoy

All latex parts dreads and quils painted by Lee Ellis Aka Skunk

All resin parts painted by me

Head from Chuck, customised by me , painted and extra horns added by Skunk.

Skull & vertibra dread beads from Skunk painted be me.

Blades quills and some beads from Wreav

Mandables from Skunks grizzly with a little bit of customising from me

Gaunts from Chuck with a bit of customising painting from me.  Electronics by me,.

Chest armour, back panel, medipack, wolf cannon, arm and uber cannon mount from Chuck with a lot of customising painting and electronics from me.

Neckring is a custom from me.

Necklace skulls, one found by my dog and the other two are customised fish tank  aquarium ornaments.

Dreads elder bead drops made by me.

Uber cannon from Casey, electronics by me.

Dreads from Casey painted by Skunk.

P2 torso form Chuck, painted by Skunk, horns added by me

Butt flap, cod leather, chest strapping and belt made and aged by me.

Cod Piece form Anthony Fedorniak painted by skunk.

Belt human skull by me, P2 side pouch from Chuck painted by Skunk

Thighs from Chuck painted and horns added by skunk

Hands from Monsterroom, customised and claws added by me, painted by Skunk.

Wolf Shins from Chuck,customised and fitted to his thights by me, painted by Skunk

P2 feet from Chuck, customised and claws fitted  lifts and height added by me, painted by Skunk

Closed shuriken from Chuck customised and painted by me

Hanging claws and teeth by me and painted by me.

Thank you again all, and a big massive hug to Stan Winston  and Kevin Peter Hall for 1st introducing us all to the Predator. Welcome to The Gruffalo 





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