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Midwest Hunters Clan 2016 Meetup at MCCC

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hey all...

So this year at motor City Comic Con we had the largest meetup of preds in the Midwest area since 2009! I give you The Midwest Hunters' Clan:

Left to right:  Amanda Spano, Mark Dye, Craig Provine, Amber Martin Sotello, Kristen Jones, Josh Jones, Alex Ford, Sean Baumgartner, Jason Rutledge, Rhonda Payne, John Quick.

Not Pictured:  Andrew Miller, Katie Griffin, Hunter Allen

13220974_971687349596098_5523078096046220972_n - Copy.jpg


13228000_10208965884640672_1637179771_n.jpgLady Predator "likes" Vasquez.

13230077_10204662717687925_2674111143856342393_n - Copy.jpgThe Showdown commences.

13231213_10208965883440642_779863554_n - Copy.jpg 

Kristen Jones (Lady Predator) Alex Ford (Xeno Prey)

13232931_971688212929345_6933662416512913400_n.jpgKristen Jones (Lady Predator) Josh Jones (Celtic Hunter)

13232986_500734396793834_6927689370962416938_n - Copy.jpgGame Over, Man! GAME OVER!!

13233184_10208965884600671_291396548_n.jpgStep off, Shaman... this one's MINE!!

13235793_10208965883400641_1024895048_n - Copy.jpg

Lady gets the job done!

13240664_10208970958167507_8525158447945033355_n - Copy.jpgKristen Jones as Lady Predator


Give Us that little Kissssssss......!


The Clan assembles!


Lady and her Celtic.

13217167_971687096262790_6673597870656265830_o.jpgJosh Jones as The Temple Guardian

13221618_971687119596121_3151283402900435511_n.jpgAmber Martin Sotello (Unmasked Hunter) Amanda Spano (Lady Hunter) Josh Jones (Temple Guardian)

13221618_971687679596065_3660964821839394521_n.jpgCraig Provine (Jungle Hunter) Alex Ford (Xeno Prey)

13227052_971687969596036_8026359439930123713_n.jpgJason Rutledge (Elder Predator) Amanda Spano (Lady Hunter) Andrew Miller (Big Blue) John Quick (Arctic Hunter)

13227241_971687849596048_6144671654684063890_o.jpgMr. Fett (Andrew Miller) as Big Blue

13227848_971687229596110_1467868141352592470_o.jpgJohn Quick as the Arctic hunter

13235249_971688142929352_4428646906293509998_o.jpgJosh Jones as The Celtic Hunter


13243916_971687176262782_8761423397763121735_o.jpgCraig Provine as The Jungle Hunter

13244186_971687192929447_478285932319608613_o.jpgAmber Martin Sotello as the Unmasked Hunter

13246160_971687482929418_6365863161323344039_o.jpgSean Baumgartner as The Shaman 

13246255_971688049596028_4887858160799530266_o.jpgJason Rutledge as The Elder

13256374_971687592929407_1207173146543781641_n.jpgRhonda Payne as BUGSsss , Katie Griffin as Vasquez Prey


Arctic and Big Blue fight over Juno (Diane K. Suttles)

Midwest Hunters Clan Members:

Sean Baumgartner                      (Shaman)
Josh Jones                                 (Celtic, Temple Guardian)
Kristen Jones                             (Lady Predator)
Amanda Spano                           (Lady Hunter)
Amber Martin Sotello                  (Unmasked Hunter)
Jason Rutledge                           (Elder Predator)
Craig Provine                             (Jungle Hunter)
Andrew Miller                            (Big Blue)
Mark Dye                                  (Unnamed hunter)
John Quick                                (Arctic Hunter)
Rhonda Payne                           ( BUGSsss )
Alex Ford                                  (Xeno Prey)
Katie Griffin                               (Vasquez Prey)
Hunter Allen                              (Honorary Juvenile Hunter)


Amanda Spano (Lady Hunter) and Hunter Allen (Honorary Juvenile Hunter)

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You call me Big Blue on here, which is funny because my suit never had a name, but back on the Lair when I sold my skins to nismo300zx, he started calling himself Big Blue. So now that I have the skins back (with all new armor), you renamed me what he called himself. So I guess no matter where those skins go, that name has now been following it. LOL

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This was my first time wearing a Pred since Dragon Con 2009, and I had so much fun! I am glad I’m back in the game again. Was pretty cool when Ve Neill from Face Off came right up to me and said “Can I get a picture with you? You guys look so awesome!” B|

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It's been a while, but here's some updated pics of Lady Predator from Grand Rapids Comic Con 2017.

Photos by Shawn M. Scott Photography






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