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Dreads & Beads

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I have been working on a number of projects this summer, I just wanted to share, as  I really don't think I've shared these here!

I am just starting out with all of this and this whole summer I've been learning airbrushing, sculpting, molding & casting. I have been learning to work with foam, latex, and resin, as well as acrylic paints and painting latex.  I am working towards doing a 1:1 display piece, too. 

I started with trying to mess with making foam dreads this summer, which was a disaster, but a great learning lesson.  I made 20 dreads and 3 of them came out seamless and perfect, but I wasted a ton of materials and destroyed my molds (can you say complete newbie with no idea what the heck I'm doing? :/:/).  I tackled making dreads again just last weekend, and I had great success.  Still made a bunch of learning mistakes, but I finally have a full set of dreads to use on that 1:1 display piece!  LOL!

I also sculpted and casted up beads - I currently have 8 different styles, but I only have pictures of 7 so far.  One of the people who bought some of the beads from me asked me to make a Berserker style bead for the dread tips, so I made my first hollow / roto- cast resin beads!  I think I am getting better at sculpting, molding and casting.  :D  I am having a lot of fun playing around with all of this, and learning my way through all my mess ups.


I also made a couple baby doll Predators, which involved sculpting the head, hands, and feet and molding & casting them in latex.  There is a boy and a girl, and I have a 3rd one in the "to do pile" waiting to be assembled (another boy) - and YES, there is an anatomical difference between them if you are wondering ;) Sculpted that too.  I enjoyed it.  Not gonna lie.  Honestly, I didn't think anyone would "get" the baby Predator, and figured it would not be very popular.  I brought the little girl with me to Dragon*Con and everyone went nuts over it.  I ended up carrying it with me for about 8 hours.  My arm was killing me, but it was really so much fun!  I'll bring her back out to C2E2 in 2017.

So, anyway, here are photos of my projects for this year so far!!!












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