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A Huntress' Journey; My suit builds

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Here are my suit builds from many moons ago to a couple years ago; my thanks go out to everyone for their inspiration; I could not have done it without y'all.. OniHunter, HurleyFX, AndrewM, Meangene83, Biohunter76, ptgreek, all y'all :)

First suit, the armor and bio (new one shown) were/are all leather from hand made patterns.

In this picture is the painted resin bio with undermask, and fabricpainted bodysuit; the original suit didn't have a bodysuit to it or Pred hands or feet...


Second suit; by this time I had the mask, hands and feet, and I bought the armor and repainted all but the bio. I painted the feet and hands and added the leather front and back pieces, plus reinforced under the torso armor with thin leather.

Its the heavy armor for the tough Hunts


Third suit, here the armor underpinnings is leather from hand made patterns; I bought raw latex overlays and painted them up and attached them. The bio came painted red & gold, and was the genesis of the color scheme.


Fourth suit; I bought the painted armor and added the leather details and torso armor lining.  I think the bio was primed, and I painted to match the existing armor colors.


Fifth suit, the leather underpinnings are from the same patterns as the red & gold one; I sculpted, molded & painted all the latex overlays.


Sixth suit, done for a friend; the head came complete and the armor patterns were the same as suit #5 except for size; latex overlays came from #5's molds. I painted the hands and bodysuit. They borrowed my feet for that event and I painted a set for them to use later.


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Many thanks, brown! I remember one year I did the AvP & the red n gold (plus another sci fi genre one) I did nothing but build build build LOL                              Morbius, many thanks for the compliment (shy grin) just doing my job :D.  




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:)Many thanks, Damon! I wore a different one each of the 4 years I went to SDCC (suits #1-#4). The first 3 times at dragoncon was #3 red n gold. Then next dragoncon when my friend wore #6 red n gold I wore my #4 ornate one. The modded #1 suit (the pic is at the parade gathering) was the year after, and these last two years I wore the #5 silver n black (pic is also from the parade). 






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