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IZO...Samurai Inspired Suit

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Coming into 2017 with a new build inspired by Robs's Samurai drawings from back in the day on the lair...the craziest design I have ever seen for a Predator...IZO. This will be quite the undertaking for me as I am going to attempt to sculpt a bio for him and I have never done it. Im still in the gathering stage and design but, its on! Im shooting for Dragon Con this year along with 2 to 3 more Preds for my family thats coming with me. Ive attached the drawins that have inspired the build. This will be my 5th suit build and my second from Rob's drawings. Stayed tuned!

Thanks for looking...cheers!






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That are great news! Rob's art is such an inspiration.

I remember Mean Gene did a suit based on Rob's Samurai drawings.

He also started to build a bio based on Rob's concept.

Never saw it finished. So he used a HEZ Gort-bio on his suit.




Edited by Okami-Skullcrusher
Found cilp of the bio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgIxwO0Oyqc
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