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Lost Hunters Sanctum
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I'm home...

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Hello everyone, my name is Frankie, i was a long time lurker of the original Hunters Lair during my teen years and i guess like many others didn't really like the changes made to it. 

I cannot BEGIN to say how thankful i am to have stumbled upon this place, (thankyou Andrew) the original lair was what originally got me into sculpting and fx work, i would spend HOURS pouring over the build threads of artists like Usurper and Uratz, and all of the amazingly detailed Huntorials. 

Now as an adult sculpting is my passion and my favorite escape, for the past year and a half I've been quietly working on a Big Chap sculpt and what better place to begin sharing my progress than amongst other artists whom I've looked up to for many years.


I am so grateful to be back, it feels like I've come home. I cannot wait to jam with yous



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