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My Suits

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Well folks, the first pic is one I'm sure you remember, this was my first suit and could only have come together with the help of you guys. Although the concept was my own I couldnt have put it together without the help of some of the members here, namely Lee, Scott and some of the Irish guys(not sure if they are signed up yet)


The second pic is the most recent, along with the third which is me with 2 friends of mine, I'm the middle the one on the right (Celtic) was one i built and painted and the one on the right i just did the head, Both these guys will come on board once this place goes public.



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Another pic to add in to the collection, this was taken at a convention recently, with the addition of the P1 on the end.

The p1 was a suit i completely refurbished and repainted,  turned out well.. 


the only suit here i didnt paint was the AVP second from the left, I only painted the head on that one.


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