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Iron Man costume or rather iron girl

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So it seems the costume bug had well and truly bitten in my home. Everyone bar my wife are now in on it. 

One of the latest pieces that is being worked on is an iron man costume for.my 12 year daughter. 

It's a foam build and so far so good. I can't take credit for that actual construction, but we have been modding it to fit her. 

She decided she wanted it rough and battle damaged so.that's what she's going to get she also asked for it to be a different colour and we've settled on black silver and gold. 

There are electronics in the chest and helmet and we are now looking at putting them into the hands.

Pic below is of here full test fit. Only realised after the ab section was on the wrong way round.

We're at prep stage with this , sanding seems etc and hope to start paint on it very soon.



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