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Mission Statement

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:D Oh Holy Hades, you guys did it! You really did it! 


I have been waiting for a fresh new forum (because we all know what happened to the last). 

Too awesome. Congrats on bringing the community back from the brink. 

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Love this!

I definitely feel like a lost huntress.  Glad to join the clan.  I'm really hoping to see 2 different Predator movies hit the big screen in 2017--- Predator re-release for the 30th anniversary (yes!) in June 2017 and Predator 4.  I truly hope they both come out next year, and I plan to work the releases in costume.  I'm in the Chicago area.  Hopefully I can get a few other Yautja to attend.



I am working on a new fansite, as my old one that I started up 15 years ago needs a new revision.  It's still in work, but have a look!





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Hello, it feels good to belong somewhere. l'm the only Predator fan in Argentina and it sucks but at the same time it makes me stand out of the mindless crowd lol. Thanks for the accceptance

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