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Predator Race/Origins/System/Land/Religion Ect

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Divided culture based on a race system. Which is fairly in tune with our civilisation. The ones inhabited in the hotter regions of Yautja Prime would have the traits and fighting style of the Zulu, perhaps following the code of no pain no game essentially going through tought training especially knowing the city hunter was bare foot (and Shaka Zulu trained his men on barefoot African desert soil with thorns and rocks.) The P2 has many resemblance there. (I would go on but I am moving on) Scar and Ancient are somewhat viking like, they share traits of the fins cold conditions uprising unsuspecting individuals in cold conditions much like Simo Heyha did. Jungle Pred and Elder represents the Guerilla fighters in South Asia, Tamil Tigers ect share traits in terms of fighting style and possible culture. And then we have wolf, i would consider wolf to be mixed race a mix of two sharing two different cultures. And The beserker are the elite west, who possess superior fire power, culture is fascist and supremacist in comparison to the Elder predator divide and conquer and protect the honour (much like Saladin during the crusades.) But that's just my thinking.


In terms of religion they believe in prophecy just like many Abrahamic religions, hindu ect. One in particular stands out and that is the thought of 'Beings' that come from within the Earth in a time of need. (Hindu text and Buddist Texts as well) in comparison to a 19th century book or 18th can't remember called Vril coming of the race. Draws comparisons to Alien civilisations that come from beneath the earth, (linked in with the thought of great beings coming to aid humans in their time of need) Wolf, Etc (in AVPR), another point to highlight is that in P1, the woman speaks of only in the hottest summers do they come. It also draws links to Vril as the Beings in the novel were being forced out of their territory because of humans. These prophecies of humans essentially taking over from their former masters acts as rebellion, their prophecies also lie with the Alien known as (Deacon which is essentially the anti christ) - I created the assumption that Deacon being the spawn of the Engineer (a creator of the human race) it's potential can create an entire Alien civilisation. The Predators are somewhat like the Templer Knights or the Saladin Warriors. (Templer Knights were eventually banished by the Christian High order, we also see this in Predator lore, predators being banished for example ... meh I forgot the name..) and then he went in search for something else. Right religion, they believe that a prophet (Dark) is a direct descendant of (Lord) and can guide the Predators to a new Era under his command. That leaves the Beserkers who probably have their own religion. But that's what I came to conclusions with, with my observations and theories.

Now in terms of Bio masks and combat, being in various different styles symbolised gladiators. Forms of combat that has been adopted from ancient times. Individuality is something key to predators. We can draw comparisons to scar and the P1 but that's not the point. Also the Ancients essentially wearing the same mask (perhaps a way to mask the real ancient amongst fake ancients to protect the leader of the clan, like a body double) Let's take Mr Black or even better my Prototype Beserker Bio mask. Jaws of a reptile/mammal embedded into a mask. Trophies and so on, in the film gladiator, he wears a sabre tooth tiger helmet with spikes on his head and that is the persona he wished to adopt. Most predators much like TUSKAN RAIDERS in the star wars world would not take off their bio mask while in combat unless told to something like 'the STORM TROOPERS' in star wars. Now let's move onto Dark who adopts his ancestor Lord's bio which he wears when defeating the abomination, we can see that the past Predators can hand down their bios to specific individuals, perhaps even blood relatives as they are only deemed worthy to continue their family legacy. Something like the samurai code, wearing the suit of armour given to you by your father. Inheritance plays a part in the bio mask of the predator

Oh yeah I forgot to address certain Predators nomadic life style. I may forgot to mention they like moving from place to place in search for things. P2 wanted beef, much like the Plains indians searched for buffello, in P1 and AVPR Wolf and Jungle Pred utilise their surroundings, bark to provide fire, small animals for a food rocks, limestone, marble (calcium carbonate) Anti septics from certain berries ect. Note Wolf shares many traits with HALO'S shipmaster, who also has a missing mandible they are both part of the clean up crew who solve problems. Wolf does things on his own and is notably one of only 2 predators to have killed a space Jockey other being clan leader Broken Tusk. Wolf is also a Veteran Hunter so he is probably one of the highest ranking preds out there one step away from Elder. The ranking system is different in tribes on the Predator. Clan Leader can essentially mean either Elder or Ancient in Broken Tusks case.

 From what we have seen and what we know from the Lore, Yautja's are pushed into the deep end with their weaponary hence why most Yautja aren't allowed weapons from a young age. For example Ghost (P2) he initially stole many of his other lost hunters weapons and was the 'hot shot' of the team with slick weapons he didn't particularly use effectively. However, in AVP we have Scar who uses them effectively to kill not one but multiple Aliens, the weapon integrates with the bio mask making it easier to know what they are shooting, In terms of currency, they would have collected teeth, metals and stone in order to trade with their 'clan members' or essentially anyone who would be able to use them effectively in AVP Scar constructs a spear and shield logically, scar can't take all of those trophies so Predators limit the amount they take with them. In the book P2 is killed by Elder to keep the honour. When speaking about the whole Predator system many Predators do not care about the current rules that are in place. Since P1 and all the way up until Predators we see the normal Yautja breed disobeying orders. The planet is divided into many places Wolf comes from the desert, hence why the area around him should mimik that of Tuchanka in mass effect.


The ranking system is not representative of ones skill but ones position. Let's take Wolf and Broken tusk for example in the canon and the non canon, both have acquired a space jockey helmet. And Dark was the first successful predator to kill an abomination which came from (Wolf) (non canon) not only did he disobey many orders he went off to the Xenomorph home planet. Now understanding their system I believe that each tribe and each designated area has different principles many will come into conflict with each other. Many young predators or elite hunters would essentially attempt to disobey orders considering the older predators veterans and elders send them to their grave like cattle and many young predators know that. Hence why we see Predators in exile, or Predators that are in different locations for example the Aqua Predator, Aboriginal ect. For the young Predator it is like an underdog system if they are liked enough by the Elder they will get the special treatment. In AVP Ancient sends three brothers to their death"WHAT GREAT LEADER WOULD DO SUCH A STUPID THING" leaders aren't smart they aren't great leaders, but they command control with their presence and many do not rebel as it would be dishonourable (like the samurai code).. in none of the predator films has a leader done something that was actually well thought of, sending three 16 year old predators into an underground xenomorph killing zone to retrieve weapons.. seems farfetched. One thing the Predator code or belief system forgets to mention is that the leader can be challenged at any time for his position. This was very common ancient tribal community.


Much like the way Emperor Viatite did with his sons in Star wars. I wouldn't consider it a ritual, the Elite knowing from most of the lore, Elites aren't as strong as they think they are. Many of the Elites were killed easily by a Pred-Alien, and they are meant to have fought a Pred-Alien simulation as this was not the first time but the 2nd time a Pred-Alien has come around. Dark followed the quote from Enders game to win the war is to make sure there are no more wars to come something along the lines of that. Dark would go alone to the Xeno Planet not for honour but to rid the young hunters deaths at the hands of their most ancient nemesis. In AVPR wolf accidentally kills the girl, he stood there. (Possibly noting the same fates of hundreds of young bloods attempting to achieve their mark and dying instantly before they see proper action) he then receives close range shot gun bullets but he's fine after he falls several stories down a lift shaft. We often see many Predators by them selves the most likely case is that they like to hunt alone however, considering Wolf and Predator (in predators) they may have likely been either the last of their clan or out casts. Dark and Wolf don't necessarily follow the honour of dying while engaging something. Wolf had to get the job done even if that meant killing thousands of innocent people. Dark didn't die when he killed the Abomination, but he decided to do it himself without aid just like wolf. Some Predators when they have realised that the way they have lived isn't representative of their morals they tend to go against it at times. The clash between what is taught and what is noticed with normal day to day actions.


This was an excerpt from a conversation I had on facebook. (I didn't see any save as draft button so i'll post it and edit it as I am afraid I will lose all of this text which took me well over an hour to find.)


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